Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are a visible sign of our skin aging. The decrease of Collagen and elasticity is what causes the appearance of these fine lines as we age. 

So, how does Argan oil help, and is it really the miracle substance we’ve all been missing in our fight against ageing?

You’ve probably heard of Retinol; it seems to be plastered all over the latest skincare and wrinkle treatments from just about every major cosmetics company these days. Retinol is fantastic at helping your skin produce Collagen and elastin, the building blocks you need to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The amazing benefits of Retinol don’t end there either. It’s also known to boost skin cell production as well as helping to remove dead skin cells. It tightens pores and even fades the appearance of dark age-related spots. An all-round miracle product then? Well, yes and no....

Part of the problem is that Retinol used in cosmetic skin care products is man-made, synthetic, and it comes with a few side effects that you really don’t want. These include skin dryness, itching and even UV sensitivity. For this reason, its use is limited in skin care products.

This is where Arganics comes in. 100% cold pressed Argan oil is incredibly rich in natural retinol. It also contains very high levels of Vitamin E, which helps your skin retain moisture, leading to that lovely plump, dewy look to your skin.

There are literally dozens of grades of Argan oil available. From heat extraction (which destroys the natural compounds) to extraction using solvents. There are first pressings, third pressings, even extremely low quality ‘cooking’ grade Argan oils available. Many of the $5 Argan oils available on the market are worth considerably less. Many are even mixed with other vegetable oils, which make them cheaper to make, but at the cost of denying you the very active ingredients you’re looking for.

At Arganics, we’re dedicated to bringing you the world’s finest Argan oil. We personally select only the finest grade, cold pressed virgin oils, from organic farms in South Morocco. It’s not treated in any way, and it’s extracted cold, without ANY heat being applied whatsoever. This is the only way we can ensure that when you order Arganics Argan oil, you are literally getting the very best that’s available anywhere in the world.

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